A circle of education instead of seeking

The latter in production in its preparatory stage. The consolation is that the consolidation of the perception that education is the first stage of work seems to be contradicted by the internationally growing unemployment of the educated. It is possible that we will one day reach a dead end situation where the need for vocational education increases so much that it becomes counterproductive. Then it may be accepted that education is a tool a key a method for our continuous and lifelong individual education which makes our solitary adventure more charming and interesting. Livelihood and career are only one aspect of this adventure.

It can neither be the only one nor the main one. After all in the game of life we ​​learn rules but we also make our own since the only given part of the game is the beginning and the end. The education regulators should before they decide to look into the eyes of the children of the First Grade on Canada Phone Number List the day they first come to the classroom and think about what they are preparing for them and what they are promising a place in production or a place in their own lives The fashion for Greekness a fashion that obviously owes a lot to the reaction to Europeanization and globalization but also to our domestic complexism has also extended to the area of ​​artistic production.

This Greekness is expressed in two ways. On the one hand increasing the consumption of domestic art and entertainment at all costs and on the other hand at all costs integrating Greek elements into artistic products. In fact a parallel trend is indulged in sportstype comparisons of Greek art with that of foreign countries which is actually treated as the rival awe or measure of comparison of domestic art. Treating art as a national product goes against its most essential and hopeful dimension the one that constitutes the consciousness and conquest of our century and which is its global and timeless scope.