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When you are writing an article on a specific topic or want to research topics to discuss, you can also use site search on Google to find the topic you have in mind on relevant sites. If you also want to have an edge over your competitors, you can use site search on Google to find out what they are writing. How to improve your site search on Google? Most people do millions and millions of searches, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing it the right way. Chances are, neither do you if you haven’t honed your Google search skills yet. While site search on Google is a great way to gather information, there are plenty of other ways to get exactly what you want on Google.

This can be done through an photo retouching service advanced Google search. Advanced Tips for Google Search If you didn’t get the exact result you want, here are some ways you can still improve your Google search, without resorting to site search on Google. Use Google Tabs If you look at the top of the Google search page, you will see several tabs titled: All, Images, Videos, News, Maps, etc. You can use these tabs to tell Google what kind of content you’re looking for. Google tabs Image: Screenshot on Google Search using multiple keywords Another way to improve your Google search is to use multiple keywords.

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If it’s a phrase, you can put the keywords in quotation marks so that the search engine returns more relevant results, while taking your phrase into account. However, if it is only one word, there is no need for quotes. search results Image showing how to search using multiple keywords Use quotation marks If you are trying to search for a particular article or topic, you can enclose it in quotes to make the search more specific. that you want an exact match on the word. Find related sites If you want to search for a site similar to one you already know, just include the command “related:” before the word. For example, if you are looking for a site similar to , just type “related: ” into the Google search tab.