Attitude of acceptance and integrates

This is due to both the teacher and the students. Because a good teacher can be enough for a good lesson. But a great lesson needs a great teacher but also great students. Because only their dialogue will advance the discussion to limits that will force the teacher to touch his own limits. After all it is equally common for both the teacher and the students to one day for specific or unknown reasons have a reduced enthusiasm for their participation in the lesson. And this is comforting since it shows that for either side the lesson is not a typically repetitive process. I prefer maybe and forgive my liberality of simile homemade sweets. Sometimes they fail but often they are great.

While the patisserie’s sweets are e-commerce photo editing distinguished by their scientifically repeatable mediocrity. Breaks usually minutes within a long lesson are another thing that is needed for various reasons. First of all it strengthens the contact between the students but also encourages personal contact with the teacher to whom questions are submitted by students who often for reasons of agoraphobia did not submit during the lesson. In this last case the teacher can bring these questions before the group in order to promote the dialogue thereby bringing the specific student out of isolation. Student participation in the course dialogue is essential. The more confident the teacher is the more easily he will allow students to participate.


And the teacher is confident when he can admit his ignorance but also support personal opinions. Depending on his character and personality he may allow questions and comments during the lesson or limit them to the end. The first solution is more attractive because by interrupting the flow of the tradition a nerve is created a fragmentary rhythm which awakens the audience from the passive them into the creative lesson. Of course it is enough that the teacher can direct the questions and the interferences reaching the point of temporarily denying the discussion on a certain topic Something that the teacher must avoid in every way is the tradition through reading texts.