Contribute to the formation of our identity

Liveris and other unlikely sounding combinations make me think that I should have changed it a long time ago since it is almost useless. I’m considered a man of letters but I don’t have a master’s degree. My knowledge is probably solely due to me but I often doubt whether I am recreating the life and beliefs of my parents or whether I am sharing the knowledge and opinions of the great people who nurtured me with their work. And besides I feel like I’m out of age. Maybe because I don’t have kids. Maybe because I empathize with people of all ages. The fact is that what lands me at my actual age is not so much the relentless mirror as the frequent little aches and pains that accompany it.

Worst of all I’ve never been to the stadium e-commerce photo editing and I’m not interested in football which in itself can destroy any identity especially if you live in our country. However if the above contribute to the formation of an identity at the same time as they confuse it there are others that over time claimed a privileged relationship in its formation. The two things I now know mean the most to me are art and nature. I understood the first quite early for the second it took the fatigue of age. Art lifts me up and nature brings me down. My relationship with nature is passive and contemplative. I live it through its silence and more through familiar landscapes than through new explorations.


Nature calms me without putting me to sleep. Our domestic animals and the Cycladic landscape that surrounds our house reposition me in a whole that I thought I did not belong to. Art again I want to stir me creatively. My relationship with her is energetic even when I’m just enjoying her. It is possible that someone will wonder why I do not mention along with them human relationships which without a doubt are the most important source of joy and sorrow in our lives. However they don’t just count in our lives. It is our very life. And for this reason they do not but exist in it.