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The Last Modified tag Categories Only Contains category pages only. Boilerplate pages these contain the basics like contact us about us etc. Editorial pages these contain links to any editorial content. articles informative sections. Blog it contains links to your blog pages. Be sure to list all posts tags author pages and archives. Advertising Continue reading below Be sure to ping search engines after creating a sitemap. To do this I submit my XML sitemaps to Google Search Console once they are complete. Step Nine Optimize for mobile. With the launch of Google AMP pages and Google announcing mobile friendliness as a ranking signal I think it’s safe to say that if you’re not okay with mobile optimization yet you’ll be left on the page. And you’ve probably noticed a trend on your site with mobile driving more traffic to your site than other avenues.

Collected data on million ecommerce orders from over ecommerce stores in and found that search accounted for . It’s pretty huge If you are not yet mobile optimized follow these steps Design for mobile This means creating calltoaction buttons above the fold creating mobile versions of your pages making buttons bigger and much more. This now includes creating Google AMP pages for your blogs or article pages. Choose mobile setup You can choose between responsive Singapore Phone Number List design dynamic delivery or separate URLs. Do not block javascript CSS or images in your file. Create mobilefriendly images to increase page load speed Use image files under KB. To check if your site is mobileoptimized take Google’s mobile compatibility test. A StepByStep Guide to SEO for ECommerce Websites SEJ Step Ten Page Speed. If you run a website you know that improving page speed can be tough to crack. In fact every website owner you know can probably remember an instance or ten of when your site wasn’t loading fast enough.


Fortunately there are tools you can use now to guide us through this process. Advertising Continue reading below Take Google’s page speed test and enter your domain click Analyze and watch the magic happen. Once done Google helps you diagnose what could be slowing down your site. A StepByStep Guide to SEO for ECommerce Websites SEJ Some of the common quick fixes for page speed include Reduce page size to keep page load times to three seconds or less. Use a content . Compress the data sent to the browser. Upgrade your hosting server. Add image sizes to help search engines create placeholders. Onsite SEO I don’t know about you but when it comes to onpage SEO I tend to optimize for an entire product category or two with a lot more than the title tag and description tag.