Essential in your webinar marketing strategy

You can leverage newsletters to send promotions, feature success stories, announce a new product, or share content marketing pieces. Newsletters are excellent for increasing brand awareness, engagement, and driving revenue. Transactional. A transactional email is a one-time communication related to a customer transaction, such as email receipts, confirmation sign-ups, and password resets. Transactional emails are an essential part of your customer experience, but you can also use them to drive traffic back to your website. Behavioral. Behavioral emails are targeted marketing emails triggered by customer actions.

Behavioral emails include welcome sequences, abandoned cart emails, re-engagement sequences, and product recommendations. Newsletters and transactional emails are traditionally one-off communications. However, behavioral Mexico Phone Number List can be a single message or a drip campaign. A drip campaign is a series of emails sent over some time. For example, a welcome drip campaign might include four emails sent over one week. Most email marketing software includes automation for transactional emails, behavioral emails, and drip campaigns. Email Marketing Content Calendar A complete email marketing strategy uses a combination of all three types of emails we described.

User actions trigger transactional and behavioral emails, so those are automatically sent. Your email newsletters, however, should be planned and scheduled using a content calendar. Here’s what to include in your email marketing calendar: Send date and time Audience complete list or segment Subject line Content description Objective (such as engagement, website traffic, or conversion saction Email author Using a content calendar in your email marketing planning empowers you to keep your team on track and send the right messages at the right time. Furthermore, a content calendar helps prevent you from spamming your subscribers since you can carefully plan out the frequency of your communications.