Gemini on Linux - Import of sketch files (.skp)

I’ve been trying to run Gemini-Unity in Ubuntu 20, and so far I’ve been able to import and run it in Unity 2021.3 without errors. However, I’m not able to visualize the Trondheim map because of missing prefabs on the GameObject. The Trondheim GameObject is loaded in the Scene as a prefab built from sketch files (.skp) and textures, which are not supported by Unity in Linux (in all versions).

Therefore, I was wondering if there was an alternative way to generate the Trondheim prefabs with the map 3D models without using .skp files, since this would make the Gemini simulator compatible with Linux.

We tried to run Unity in Linux at the start, but we ended up with a program crashing a lot. We used .fbx files for the model of Trondheim. So we recommend using Windows, but if you want to use Linux you can try to convert the files to .fbx files.

Sorry for the late reply.