Information regarding guidance system delivery


I’d like to remind all teams of the deadline to deliver their guidance systems is this Sunday August 8th at 23:59 CEST (GMT +2).

Furthermore, it is the team’s responsibility to ensure that their systems are running as intended on our systems running the simulations for the challenge. As such, we highly recommend using Docker to submit your systems, as the risk of bugs due to missing dependencies (for example) is much lower.

We ask that you include a README or other form of documentation if there are any details about your guidance system that we need to be aware of.

Lastly, we request that teams are contactable on the following Monday and Tuesday (9th-10th August) in case we run into difficulties with your system. We want to ensure that all submitted guidance systems are running as intended before beginning with simulations.

Submissions are to be sent to . Links to Github repositories or cloud storage solutions are amongst possible submission methods.

If your team has not yet submitted a technical report, please do so as soon as possible if you wish to receive a score in this aspect of the Challenge. As the deadline has passed, late submissions will receive a score penalty.