Kill Switch spesifications

The Technical spesifications says that the kill switch has to be wired separate from the main control system.
Does this mean the ks needs a separate battery as well? Can the remote kill switch radio communicate with the main control system, so that it may be used for other functions or do we need to get another radio for that? Can the local and remote kill switches be wired in series so that they both control a single set of relays?

Generally we want to know how separate you want things to be.


Sorry for the late reply.

See our latest post on the forum as well as our Gitbook page for the physical competition regarding changes to kill switch specifications.

We no longer require teams to have both kill switches wired separate to the main control system, only the local kill switch needs to be wired separate. Therefor only the local kill switch on board will need a separate battery.

You can therefor use 1 remote control to operate the remote kill switch as well as other functions to the main control system.

With this configuration, you will not be able to wire both kill switches in series.