Mastering good photos is being able

The aim of quality and with the content of the truth but with the aim of impressing and with the weapon of lies. They are the photos made to be considered good at all costs. These photos are usually taken by skilled or even talented photographers for whom fame and success count more than the need to create. And they are particularly dangerous photographs precisely because they look experienced which combined with their striking features captivates the unsuspecting viewer slowly distorting the purity with which the general and eminently unsuspecting public.

Good are photographs that say more than they show without being able to define what they say that consist of information that we recognize but that retreat under a poetic aura that transcends this information that we can see it again many times with an increase in our attraction to them which are e-commerce photo editing connected with their creator and with his personal truth much more than with the subject they depict which take place in the imaginary museum of our memory and finally that whatever if we say we can’t explain why they are good while we swear we know. In search of good photos a Let’s first of all ignore the reference photos which are taken when they need to be taken and it is good that they are taken conscientiously professionally.


After all since we do not have the same goals we should not be influenced by them which of course is not particularly easy due to their wide spread. b Let us guard against the temptation to produce bad photographs especially if we find that we have the ability to make them. If we allow them to get in our way we will find ourselves in a dead end with little chance of escape. And from one point onward we will be forced to consider them good in order to compromise no longer with third parties but with ourselves. c The first step to to recognize when a photo is good in the work of third parties we value and admire.