Minor platform update

A minor software update of the platform has just become available. The following changes have been made:

  • A new ROS node, ros_scenario, has been added to publish information about the current scenario. More info can be found here.
  • A 3D model of a dock has been created for use in autonomous docking, which can be downloaded here (or as a part of the full asset package on the Gitbook).
  • A minor change has been made to the /nav/pose topic, where local Unity coordinates are published rather than global latitude/longitude coordinates. If you prefer to continue using GPS coordinates, the local coordinate system’s origin is published as parameters (/scenario_instance/local_origin_latitude & …_longitude), which can be used to translate to GPS coordinates.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or issues with these updates. Additionally, expect more information about the jury criteria within the next week, we apologize for the delay.

How can we proceed with the update (we need to pull both folders?)? In this new version, we still need to launch the adapter, client, and now the scenario nodes, or we just need to launch the ros_scenarios node? I don’t know if happens just with me, but right now I can’t download the 3D model of the dock.
Gustavo Andrade.


All 3 nodes are necessary to properly run a simulation in the same fashion as they will be run in August. To make starting simulations easier, we’ve added a roslaunch file which launches all 3 nodes in a single terminal window (ros_scenario/launch/launch_njord_stack.launch). All 3 nodes can still be run individually, if, for example, you are testing only a portion of your system.

I apologize for the incorrect link- it should be correct now.

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I tried to git pull the updates in ros_adapter, but the branch master is already up to date. nothing was updated. can you check this please?

The mentioned changes to the /nav/pose topic are implemented on the Gemini side of things, such that the ros_adapter repository has not been updated. Sorry for not making this clearer!

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