Photos from the dental office

The smile in principle is less magical because it gives you something given while the most stern face has a neutral attitude so it allows both the photographer and the viewer to enter more freely into the subject. But what intrigues me most about the dental smile are the teeth. Teeth scare me a lot they have something menacing about them. In other words there is something menacing about the smile. In art there must be contradiction. Without contradiction there is no tension. And if there is no tension there is no mystery. But without mystery there is no art. One who creates artistically does not create with a given goal and with a given result. And this is a very nice game a very pleasant process. I’ll tell you something I told a student of mine who asked me how to take successful photos.

There is no success algorithm in photography. Photography starts out of necessity and fun. If you succeed e-commerce photo editing you succeed. What will the dentists and dental technicians who participate in this original photo project gain First they will satisfy their narcissism. It’s nice to pose once you get past the awkward stage of the first chill as we say. This project will give the participants photos with an interesting perspective from their everyday work in a moment of fatigue possibly even with humor we will experiment in these photos. Dentists and dental technicians will not be charged with the artistic success of this project that is about us. They will take part in a pleasant game with a photographer who will accompany them in their daily working life. Possibly this game will also work as an indirect advertisement for their work through a medium which is socially uplifting.


When you do art In the second part which concerns the selection of photos with a smile theme those who participate in the project oral health professionals and photographers will send us their photos after first attending a seminar of mine and I explain to them exactly what I expect from them. In closing I would like you to tell me if you have a favorite life quote and how it has influenced you artistically It exists but it’s not mine. It is what Francis Bacon said I am profoundly optimistic about nothing. It seems shocking to me phrase and I have felt it several times. But I understood what it means to be optimistic when I contrasted optimism with hope. I don’t hope I don’t hope for anything. Just existing as Bacon would say. Maybe that’s why I like mystery and the unknown. I don’t want anything to be solved.