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Summary What is Mobile Website Design? Why choose a mobile website design? How to create an effective mobile website design? Create an effective mobile website design with Strikingly Conclusion What is Mobile Website Design? Mobile website design is all about creating a website that is easily accessible by your online visitors through their mobile device, be it a smartphone, tablet or otherwise. A website is said to be mobile friendly when all of your page data is easily accessible through devices with smaller screens. Among the data in question are: le templates the texts web links images videos etc.

Create a mobile-friendly website, website builders typically use two types of design: mobile design and responsive design. ∙ Le design Web mobile A mobile-first website design is primarily designed to work on mobile devices. It is completely different from a full website, given that it has its own jewelry retouch service dedicated URL. In general, the features contained in this mobile website design are rearranged to fit the screen of a Smartphone. ∙ Responsive website design The responsive website design, on the other hand , is designed to adapt to the type of screen used by the user. For example, in case the user is on a desktop computer, then the website content will be displayed in a 3-column format.

If he uses a tablet, the display will be in two columns. And on Smartphone, we will have a one-column format. Why choose a mobile website design? Mobile website design has currently become an essential weapon for any business or entity wishing to build and strengthen its online presence. If you are wondering why, then here are the reasons why. 1. Improves user experience We are Superheroes Image taken from a Strikingly user’s site Smartphones are currently favored by users for surfing the web and social networks, doing their research and shopping, ordering food, etc. For that alone, we can get an idea of ​​the importance of favoring a mobile website design. A business looking for a more substantial connection with its audience needs to figure out how to capture their hearts more easily and effectively.