The discussions of social media data

Pushed beyond acceptable social limits the social media industry has entered the identity formation stage which is being established against emerging rules. Some social media powerhouses have emerged that wield unprecedented power prominently Facebook which also owns Instagram. As new tools APIs and approaches have been developed there are greater opportunities to harness significant amounts of data including increased amounts of sensitive data which can be used—and abused—in social media marketing. Social media marketers not only have access to platforms’ inhouse advertising tools but also public data on social media.

The divide between public data otherwise referred to as publicly available social media data and private data can be somewhat of a misnomer. Research evidences that an individual’s expectation of privacy may change over Philippines Phone Number List time and may differ based on who is using the data and for what purpose Gruzd et al. Attempting to use simplistic privacy settings on individuals’ social media accounts as a blunt instrument does not suffice in assessing what data marketers should ethically access. Built on the scholarly tradition of university ethics boards researchers’ extensive research training and the goal of promoting social good academic research has been leading the charge in deeply considering ethical social media data practices.


Researchers are grappling with and analyzing ethical challenges as the landscape changes yet there are still many unexplored or underexplored areas. This is particularly important as existing and newly developed industries are thriving on using the public’s social media data for profit. Social media marketers are data consumers. Data consumers—those who are scraping analyzing and using the public’s data—need a higher level of literacy in understanding the ethics and practices of social media. Regardless of the quantity of data the ethical implications of social media marketing need to be critically and repeatedly considered in both industry and academia should be inextricably linked to discussions of data ethics.