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Pantone — Pantone is the company that created the Pantone Matching System (PMS). This is a catalog of standard colors used in printing. A number is assigned to each color, which can be reproduced almost identically on any printer. PDF — Acronym for Portable Document Format. It’s a versatile file format that can accommodate both vector and raster images (but you need vector in packaging!), and can include text and images. PDFs can be opened by just about any computer. Raster file — Raster images are made up of thousands of tiny dots (pixels). It is for this reason that it is not easy to change the dimensions of these images. RGB — Acronym for the three primary colors with which any other color can be created by additive synthesis) Red, Green, Blue.

RGB codes (or hex codes) are used photo retouching service to identify colors in a digital environment. These codes can be translated into CMYK as well as Pantone color code for printing. Vector file — Vector images consist of lines (vectors). Thanks to this, they can be resized without losing quality. Find our complete guide to learn all about the different types of graphic design. Spring is showing up, and with it, outdoor aperitifs, pétanque balls in one hand and beers in the other. The time is right to refresh the look of your craft breweries and the packaging of your beers. Whether in cans or bottles, believe us, you have plenty of leeway to experiment with new visuals. Today, we’re going to highlight 5 beer label design trends that should set you apart from the competition and grab your customers’ attention.

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Craft paper The hipster trend succeeds rather well with beer labels. Particularly appreciated for its industrial style and unique designs, this type of label, both modern and vintage, appeals to many customers looking for a real experience. Kraft paper beer label This is the kind of gift you can’t wait to open! The rustic colors applied to the design are also an important part of the label. By Elena Pavlova (via The Dieline ) Brew By Numbers label design brewery has chosen to keep a modern and minimalist style for its beers. 2. Authenticity While some prefer minimalism, empty spaces, and few lines, others choose handwriting, unique paper, or even detailed product information to show the authenticity of their beer and touch the interest. consumers. It’s a way of giving a personality to the beer that customers will be able to associate with.