Updates Technical specifications Physical Competition


We would like to inform you that we have now revised the technical specifications for the 2022 physical competition. The changes is for 3.2.5 Kill Switch, 3.4.1 Battery and 6. Competition.

The changes to 3.2.5 is for allowing teams to only have 1 remote control which can be used both
as a remote kill switch and other functions for the main control system. We have
also implemented a “naturally off system with delay” – providing an extra safety in
case a team loses radio connection with the vessel. The changes to 3.4.1 is to
implement more detailed specifications for teams who want to utilize their own
batteries. The changes to 6 is about the removal of the element of the competition
where we wanted to test the deviation between the digital twin and physical runs.
The reason for this is that we thought that this element could make the
competition too complex.

You will find updated information regarding the physical competition at our Gitbook page.